Saturday, March 27, 2010

Qubee , Intel work together

Qubee , the pioneer wimax broadband service in Bangladesh and Intel will work together on building WiMax. Both have signed Memorandum of Understanding. Qubee started it's operation in Pakistan as well. Currently coverage is in Karachi. From Gulshan-e-hadeed to Clifton's beach everyone can enjoy this WiMax broadband. This is such an achievement for Qubee that Intel and Qubee gonna work together for WiMax .

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Common Question : Which Net Service is Better? Either Qubee or Wi-Tribe or Wateen?

Which is better ?, this is most common question people ask. This is such a difficult question for a sincere sales man. Because sales person can't praise his product only. If some xyz service is even bad , it must be working good somewhere. Truth is No service is totally junk , but there are different issues in every broadband service. Few wimax (wirless) has bad coverage issues, because they focusing only commercial areas, yet a big number of customers live in residential areas, thow not much affording, but still these areas exist in City boundries so they should be covered. If you living in any residential area and think no wimax service there call 0345-2813343 , or 0300-9200279 I can tell about atleast 1 wimax provider .
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

v fone vs. wimax

It's quite clear that vfone ( v ptcl or vwireless) internet is very slow , yet expensive. Comparatively WiMax is better than the vptcl or Go CDMA internet connection .

Hourly packages are expensive , but suits all those users where speed is not issue. A broadband user can't sit on such compromized service that's for sure.

If we divide a 750 per month package on calculated hours for 1 month, the costing of an hour is only 1 Rupee. If an average user uses 3 hours daily on vptcl he get charged for hour + call? if this is the case he is paying more for a slow net access.

So all Vfone / Vptcl / Vwireless / Go CDMA / PTCL Dialup users are welcome to try WiMax broadband service in Rs. 750/- Per Month. Where you don't need to buy any equipment for that , like you paid for your vptcl phone set or cdma phone .

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

How You Get Wireless Internet Service

Before you read post this offer is for limited time. (Today is March 07,2010)
If you living in Karachi and decided to buy :
1mbps internet connection with WiFi device , then it's the right time. You don't have to pay any wifi connection charges , no device charges, Installation at home/office free.
Just pay 1 month fee (Rs. 1000/-) after connection deployment .
Installation team makes sure the signal strength and other communication units are proper. There is no compromise on service quality. If somehow signals are dropping on deployment place , we reschedule the installation untill further improvment in particular's area coverage.

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(This was limited time offer , which is over) 02-07-10
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