Tuesday, April 27, 2010

attractive ads of wimax broadband on tv but failed to deliver

"I was watching tv other day, and watched a wimax broadband ad on tv when I called , I was surprised to know that this broadband wasn't available in the biggest district of Karachi "Malir" , Wasn't available in Shah Faisal Colony where I have my other house. For me that ad was nothing just waste of time " These were my friends comments , and my thinking is same for all those wimax or wireless providers . If you can't provide atleast 80% of city , you simply don't claim that you are available in whole CITY. Existing WiMax providers before Qubee , really didn't optimize their networks that's why Qubee WiMax got successful results in market right after entering in ground. Although there is much to improve , very much to improve still service is reasonable good as compare to other wimax players.

People those who using Qubee , waiting to see Qubee ads on TV , its natural if someone is using some product he wants to see it on TV , and then they can tell proudly that they are already Qubee customers. In my opinion now it's the right time to hit the Market with ads, coverage is available almost whole Karachi, Even Gulshan-e-Meymar users can get it, Gulshan-e-hadeed users can get it. Whatelse user needs?

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Speed Test on Pakistani Wimax services

You can check your Broadband speed by visiting site http://speedtest.net , However results are not accurate everytime, but you can have your broadband speed idea from there.

There are few private speedtests available on different wimax providers sites of Pakistan , usually its a catch for their customers . They check their speed on those speedtest meters , and you know what happens when same IPs connect , it shows 100% speed or even more sometimes.

DUmeter is also used for checking broadband speed. So no matter which connection you have you can check your broadband ( DSL or WiMAX or CDMA) speed.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Facebook Group on WiMax Broadband in Pakistan

Please Join Facebook Group dedicated to WiMax Broadband Service in Karachi.


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Friday, April 16, 2010

how to order wimax broadband connection

Wireless (Wimax) is all Signal game, if you have strong signal strength , you getting the best service , If receiving power level is accurate , CINR and Transmitted level everything is ok you will get the smooth internet speed , but in case you are getting weak signals so there is chance you get slow speed. WiMax can provide better coverage even if you are at last mile from Base Station (Tower) , if you getting only 1 signal (LED) it doesn't mean your Internet will work slow, It's WiMax magic.
Don't concentrate on Signal LEDs , the data , which transferring in it , you need to know those numbers.

That information can be checked by logging in WiMax device configuration , usually with ip address 192.168.*.* , Enter admin password (If set) and click on radio status . All information will be visible to you .

You need to check WiMax coverage before you buy WiMax device. Wateen , infinity and Wi-Tribe all bound users to buy their package before testing the coverage @ customer premises. Yet Qubee offers users to not to buy before successful installation , In Qubee you need to order first , the first visit of installation team is mandatory. They install device on best location you get the full signal strength, in few cases antenna is required as well, and Qubee provides High Gain Antenna to it's valued customer. Installation team approve the installation engineer sitting in NOC dept. They remotely access the device with MAC and they make sure customer will be satisfied with speed and there is no interference.

So to get any wimax / Wireless broadband service make sure that service is for you or not, you need signals where you have to use it , forget demonstration you had in any broadband service office , that was at the best location where signals strength was strong.

Why don't you choose wimax service which doesn't ask you to buy before they also get satisfied with the coverage exact at your point. to order connection either non wifi or wifi CALL : 0345-2813343 , 0300-9200279

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

WiMax Coverage in Malir Cantt

Important Update:
4G LTE Services are available for malir cantt users : Delivery at home. Zong LTE 2000 Per Month. Call Now : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279.
Note: Qubee and Witribe BTS(Towers) are not working in Malir Cantt anymore. However areas near model colony may get Qubee coverage from model colony tower. We Can Delivery LTE 4G USB and MiFi Cloud in Malir Cantt if you are interested .

Is it difficult to get N.O.C. in Malir Cantt for doing wireless communication , that's why Wireless broadband users in malir cantt disappointed with signals. There are few wireless broadband services working in Malir Cantt , but over all coverage is not that good .

Qubee is also covering Malir cantt, checked services by myself at Malir Cantt, it was working alright there. Areas in near about must be covered as well . and areas away from BTS (Tower) can get coverage on outdoor unit.

To Get WiMax Service in Malir cantt call 0345-2813343 , 0300-9200279 , 021-34278085
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Providing High Gain Antenna If Required

Qubee WiMax broadband providing high gain antenna to give customer more quality service. Although costing installation increased for company , and for customer CPE and it's installation is free. This is all because Qubee moto is to provide facility to it's valued customers.

"Stream Like Dream"

To Get Connected , all you need is to place an order : Call now 0345-2813343 , 0300-9200279 , 021-34278085

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