Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wi-Tribe and Infinity not ready to launch Unlimited Downloading

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Neither Wi-Tribe nor Mobilink Infinity launched Unlimited Downloading Packages , yet QUBEE customers enjoying Unlimited downloading packages from Sep10. This is fact most of the users don't download alot for them limited volume packages are still better but when Users per connection increase then limited volume packages sometimes cause little burden on pockets.

Choosing a suitable package in limited volume offers is very important. If you choose a limited volume package because of low rates and ignored the GB limit then you will surely be paying more than the package with more gbs.
Suppose if you buy a package with 6GB volume , and you know or you get to know after getting connection that your usage is even 1 GB more then you should go for next package ISP has offered , like 12GB and only Rs. 150 will be added. But if you got 6GB package and exceeded the volume for 2 GB more then you going to pay more then the 12GB package.
So just a little management can save your lot of money, so either you get limited volume or unlimited package your data requirements should be clear to you. Otherwise UNLIMITED is the best choice.

Friday, November 26, 2010

QUBEE Fair Usage Policy on it's Official Website

Qubee Fair Usage Policy available on it's official site(http://www.qubee.com.pk) , no other broadband mentioned on their site:

Fair Usage Policy

  • Qubee Fair Usage Policy applies to all residential unlimited volume packages.
  • The unlimited packages have no cap on the amount a customer downloads, however the customer bandwidth may be subjected to a higher contention:
    • If consistent abusive data volume consumption is observed.
    • Data consumed is more than average downloads per subscriber on the network with a similar package.
    • Other customers using the same resources face degradation of service and/or complain of a degradation of service, due to a particular customer using high amounts of data volume.
  • The unlimited packages for residential users are not usable by commercial users or for further reselling
    as per directives of PTA.
  • Qubee reserves the right to suspend or disconnect, permanently or temporarily, any link which is used in violation of PTA regulations.
  • Consumer internet packages, unless specified otherwise, do not commit / guarantee bandwidth as per standard practice across all Internet Service Providers worldwide.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Use Internet while electricity failure

In Pakistan USB Broadband is the better choice if your wireless broadband provider has enough battery backup and generators to keep the base station alive 24 hours. Internet through indoor CPEs or CPEs which required AC Power , although they are well designed to give good coverage , but not every user owns the generator or UPS to keep their Modem Alive , USB takes power from system so there is no extra power required for USBs.

USB Dongles were previously and still be given by wISPs like Wi-tribe,wateen,infinity , but USB Shuttle is the exclusive USB CPE which is high gain and given only by QUBEE WiMax.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wi-Tribe Van (Float) In Malir

Without Unlimited packages Wi-Tribe has launched marketing campaign again? QUBEE is dominant in Malir, and Wi-Tribe with weaker network strength in Malir doing marketing activity there, is another failure of Marketing plan. Remember Old days when Wi-Tribe launched media campaign when they were not even covering 30% of big city.

A Wi-Tribe van can't boost wi-tribe customers in non coverage areas until wi-tribe won't invest to increase it's network as well as TARIFF. On Official Wi-Tribe website , only 20 Percent of Malir is covered and marketing activity there is un-wise move.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fake SMS of 4Mbps package on Mobilink Infinity

One of my friend got fake sms from someone that Mobilink infinity introduced 2Mbps and 4Mbps packages, it was quite shocking that sms had only mobilink official call center number. Nobody will take a min in thinking from where that sms was initiated. For confirmation I checked Infinity site and there was no such info .

I wonder what maximum speed a wimax provider can offer. Also I am not sure about PTCL NITRO how they claiming 9.1 Mbps.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome November, October Recap

Wireless Broadband Services are experiencing new changes every month, sometimes by giving promotions of zero connection charges on non wifi, sometimes reducing USB charges, sometimes changing tariff and GBs limits.

In previous Month (October 2010) Mobilink Infinity sales force showed up with unofficial offers , and they tried to motivate shop keepers to sell devices on 3 months advance payment of xyz package and false claim of unlimited, Infinity has no package offering unlimited in tariff. In pricing Infinity & Wi-tribe looked aggressive in October 2010 , looks like Wi-Tribe and Infinity running out of money to facilitate customers.

Wi-Tribe customers were waiting for Unlimited because QUBEE already have launched Unlimited Downloading package and they started campaign on Print Media , saw few ads on Sunday DAWN and other leading newspapers. Not even Unlimited but normal limited downloading packages are also same on QUBEE new SHUTTLE (USB) which is different from Wi-Tribe and Infinity.

Wi-Tribe is not offering any packages which can compete the comparatively new wireless broadband "QUBEE" , this means wi-tribe is no more in competition? or they are planning big for the market?

Infinity double volume offer is still going on but their pricing is still very aggressive , it's wifi connection charges are 4000? this is too much as compare to QUBEE , they were charging only Rs. 500 connection charges on wifi in October 2010.

Worldcall is not wimax , but its wireless broadband , so no harm in sharing news about them, The News is there was no news from Worldcall, no change in any plans/tariff etc.

Wateen is giving unlimited on USB dongle, although so many complaints about it.