Tuesday, November 27, 2012

PTCL Evo Packages

PTCL Evo Packages
Day Pass (1GB Limit) Rs. 100/-  for 24(consecutive hours)
EVO GO :  Rs. 899/- (Rs. 900) Per Month  (5GB Limit)
EVO LITE : Rs. 1199 (Rs. 1200) Per Month (30GB Limit)
EVO MAX : Rs. 1999 (Rs. 2000) Per Month – Unlimited
EVO 256 Kbps Prepay : Rs. 1199 (Rs. 1200) Per Month  - Unlimited

Special Discount : EVO LITE package One Month Free. Just pay USB Price 3000/- And use internet for free for 1 month. Recharge from next month.

Contact for delivery anywhere in Pakistan : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279

(ApnaBroadBand Post : http://apnabroadband.com/blog/2011/06/07/ptcl-evo-packages/ Dated : June 07,2011)

Porn sites start getting banned in Pakistan (Good or Bad Step?)

It seems like pornography websites are getting blocked by Internet services providers. Getting emails from visitors asking about porn websites banning. There are few websites we tested and yes found blocked.
Youtube is working fine as their policy is strict against pornography. But there are   ‘other tubes’ like tubegal***, tube1*, ovgui** which are completely shutdown by service providers. It’s not confirmed that all the internet providers did that , we checked atleast on 2 internet services. Websites are blocked!
After investigating further, we find out few posts on other Pakistani forums about this recent blocks. We learnt that PTA actually instructed Internet service providers to block atleast 1000 (One Thousand) porn websites immediately. Off course there are thousands of other websites which have same explicit material.
Do you support this action? Please comment.

Telenor Web Self Care – Check Calls/Message

Telenor Web Self care is a handy option for all those users who want to keep an eye on their call logs and sending msgs activity. Also You can check free remaining balance of your account. Listening friends and family list name is always a tiring job but with telenor webself care portal you can check the complete family list by just one click.

You can see your name their as well if sim is register to you, if showing any other name  go to any nearest franchise to update your information. There is a chat option which I feel is missing, and it should be there for telenor users.
You can access Telenor Webself care portal here : https://wsc-wss.telenor.com.pk/ 
If you are facing problems in creating telenor account , Like Our Facebook page and message us OUR Facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/apnabroadband

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Qubee Franchise In Karachi (Address and Mobile Numbers)

Qubee Franchise in Karachi :
If you want QUBEE new internet connection, QUBEE representative will visit your premises to install connection. We (ApnaBroadBand) contacts / routes Qubee installer if you contact us. You don't need to call QUBEE Call Center and visit any QUBEE franchise for new connection. 

Simply pick up the phone and dial 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279 (+923009200279 for Viber / Whatsapp International callers)

Qubee Bill Can Be Easily Paid By EasyPaisa / Telenor Franchise. So you don't have to worry about QUBEE FRANCHISE in order to pay your monthly bill. Still if you need QUBEE Franchise / Store / Flagship Address you can contact Us.

Free Internet In Pakistan (Truth / Myth)

Internet can be cheapest in rates but it can't be free at all at any level. The cheapest internet can be a GPRS 1 day data plan which costs you 5 Rupees(Telenor). A Cheapest monthly fee of wireless internet can be 500 (offered by QUBEE) in broadband. A cheapest Unlimited can be a 750 per month package of 256 Kbps (Offered by QUBEE).
One Month free Internet can be avail with any running promotion by any ISP. (That's true) But they would ask you to buy internet connection and pay them 1 month bill or 2 month bill or 3 month bill. But totally free internet can't be offered at all in Pakistan.

If you want to know cheapest internet connection rates CALL US : 0345-2813343 or +923009200279 (Viber / Whatsapp Enabled Number for International callers queries)

(0345-2813343) Internet on iPad/Tablet Android in 900

Get 1Mbps Internet for iPad / Android Tablet (All kind of) / Mobile phone with WiFi connectivity. Free Delivery all over Karachi / Lahore and Islamabad Rawalpindi.

Internet connection with Wifi router in cheapest rates available from ApnaBroadBand.
Feel Free For Tariff Details : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279

Worldcall Franchise / Sales Contact Numbers

Worldcall Franchise / Worldcall retailers if you want to boost your sales send us your contact numbers. We shall redirect all the sales to you when any visitor would ask for worldcall connection.
Following Cities Worldcall retailers contact us as soon as possible :

Worldcall Multan (Sales team / Retailers)
Worldcall Faisalabad(Sales team / Retailers)
Worldcall Gujranwala (Sales team / Retailers)
Worldcall Gujrat (Sales team / Retailers)
Worldcall Sukkur (Sales team / Retailers)
Worldcall Sialkot (Sales team / Retailers)
Worldcall Hyderabad (Sales team / Retailers)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Discount on QUBEE Internet Connection

Discount on QUBEE Wimax Internet available. Get Wireless internet connection from ApnaBroadBand and avail discount from it's OWN (PS) system. PS is successfully offered by ApnaBroadBand.com to facilitate it's visitors(Either on ApnaBroadBand.com or ApnaBroadBand.BlogSpot.Com)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Apnabroadband.com offering PS

If you want to get internet connection from any wireless broadband service in Pakistan. Try ApnaBroadBand  PS system. You may get heavy discount on it's installation.All  you have to do is visit : http://apnabroadband.com/blog/2012/11/04/apnabroadband-what-is-ps-profit-share/ and fill the form their.

(0345-2813343) QUBEE Pakistan : November 2012 Tariff

(0345-2813343, 0300-9200279) Qubee Connections Available.
November 2012 Tariff (QUBEE PAKISTAN)