Friday, February 28, 2014

Yagi Antenna Vs Box Antenna in Pakistan (PTCL Evo Supported)

There are 2 types of antennas available which support ptcl evo and evo wingle.
1) Yagi Antenna (also called as Rods Antenna or Classy PTV Antenna shape)
2) Box Antenna ( A weather proof antenna , Box shape)

Both antennas come with 30ft wire packaging . Yagi antenna or Box antenna both have plus and both have negative features.

Yagi Antenna should be installed on a proper location , rods may get rusty in areas where humidity is high, but they can give better performance if installed properly and extract signals from different directions.

Box Shaped Evo Antenna is easy to hang anywhere, they also have good reception , its weather proof , can be installed in city where customer living on ground floor or in many walls, just hang box evo antenna on little height and it will work properly.

Box shaped Evo Antenna is easy to courier / dispatch anywhere . 
For Evo wingle / evo 3g antenna call us : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279
* We provides Cash On Delivery service (Pay when you get delivery at your doorstep)
*All Big and Small cities / villages / Town people can contact us.

Evo Wingle In Azad Kashmir(Cash On Delivery)

ApnaBroadBand Offers Evo Wingle (9.3Mbps) and 3G Evo (3.1Mbps) Cash On Delivery in Azad Kashmir.
Evo Antenna also available Cash On Delivery.
So now If you are in Mirpur , Muzzafarabad , Bagh , Bhimber or in any city of azad kashmir, you can contact Us for Delivery.
Call Now : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cash On Delivery PTCL Evo / Wingle Antenna All Over Pakistan

Apnabroadband proudly offers cash on delivery service all over Pakistan for all the ptcl products (Evo 3.1Mbps / Evo Wingle / Evo Antenna / Evo Cloud / Evo Nitro Cloud) etc.
You just need to order us, we will dispatch your required items at your doorstep, We are not limited to big cities, we are delivering all over Pakistan. Small towns / villages everywhere. 

You may either get delivery at home or visit your post office for your items. Pay cash at the time of delivery only. We don't charge single rupee before delivery.

For Delivery : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wingle usb price in Pakistan

Wingle USB Price in Pakistan : 
All Over Pakistan Delivery / Cash On Delivery
USB Price varies as per Package plan.
Prepaid Wingle 1500/Month (30GB Package)
Wingle 1500/Month ( 50GB Package)
Wingle Azadi Package 1250/Month ( Unlimited Downloads)
Postpaid Wingle Unlimited 1750/Month ( UNLIMITED)
Call Now : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Witribe Connection Delivery in Malir/Shah Faisal Colony/Landhi/Korangi

Witribe New Connection & Delivery in Malir / Shah Faisal Colony / Landhi / Korangi or Anywhere in Karachi:
Call Now : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279
Witribe provides Usb Pocket Modem / Desktop Modem (WiFi / non WiFi) 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Ptcl Evo 3.1Mbps 750 Monthly UNLIMITED Download

PTCL Evo 750 Per Month(May2014 Offer) Click HERE for further details:
750/Month Package : Usb Price 4500/- 4000/- (with one month fee / Delivery charges)
PTCL announced new exciting 3G Evo (3.1Mbps) UNLIMITED Package*.
Now enjoy Unlimited downloads(30GB) till August 2015 Rs. 750/-. USB Price Regular.
Place 750 per month order Online
Home Delivery and Queries : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279
* From August 2015 , package will revert to 1200 monthly with 20GB.

PTCL Evo Wingle Offer: 1Month Free (Till 28th Februaruy)

PTCL Evo wingle new offer:
Get Evo Wingle and use 1 month internet absolutely FREE!
Offer is valid till all new connections on PTCL Wingle till 28th February.
ORDER Evo WINGLE Home Delivery today and get 1 Month Free Internet !
Speed 9.3Mbps
WiFi usb ( can be attached with 5 wifi devices)
(This offer is for OSS , they already charge 4000 for wingle usb)
Further details : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wireless Internet in Naval Colony Karachi

We have best internet solution for Naval Colony (Baldia Town) Karachi. Now we can provide you wi-tribe internet connection in Naval Colony Karachi. On one phone call Witribe installer will visit at your place and deploy the internet connection. (If you have used witribe already we have other net connection option as well for Naval Colony)
For Internet connection in Naval Colony please call : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Qubee Now Available in Orangi Town

Qubee internet service now available in Orangi Town as well. Now Orangi Town Internet users can contact us for QUBEE Connection in their area.
Qubee Orangi Town Contact Number : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279 (For new connections)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Witribe / Qubee Device Supported Antenna

We have QUBEE and Witribe device supported antenna in Rawalpindi Islamabad.
For Home delivery Call : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279
*Antenna is Weather Proof , Water Proof , Sky Lightening Proof
Antenna available with 30Ft Wire.

Evo Free with DSL Broadband?

Evo 3.1Mbps free with DSL Broadband Package is kinda expensive package. If you are looking for wireless internet simply get evo 3.1mbps or Evo wingle.
Reason Why Not to avail free Evo USB with Broadband?
Because they charge extra per month no matter you use it or not. It's limited to 10GB only. Why anyone would like to pay this amount when Evo 3.1Mbps with 30GB available in 500 Monthly?
There will be additional charges of DSL modem. Why would anyone like to increase their broadband monthly fee just for a DSL modem.

Get only reliable internet connection (wireless USBs) Evo 3.1mbps or Evo wingle 9.3Mbps : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279

Monday, February 3, 2014

PTCL Evo Wingle ZTE (New USB)

ZTE is the reliable name in wireless internet products. Previously PTCL was using ZTE USBs , then they started giving Huwei . Now they again introducing ZTE wingle usbs.
For further information / Details / Pricing : Call 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

PTCL Cloud Alternative QUBEE Pocket WiFi

In Pakistan PTCL Cloud provides WiFi with high speed broadband internet. Now QUBEE also providing 3G WiFi router with it's USB Shuttle. Now Internet users who want to avail high speed internet on wifi mobile they can get pocket wifi from QUBEE. And guess what , charges are really cheap monthly. 900 per month only.

To Order Pocket QUBEE : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279

QUBEE New Connection Available

Qubee New Connection available (Coverage : Karachi / Lahore Rawalpindi and Islamabad)
Qubee Sales will contact with you , For package information and order call : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279.

To Order Qubee send following details on 0345-2813343:

Mobilink Device convert in QUBEE Device

If you were Mobilink customer previously you will not be able to use Mobilink anymore with the existing device. Call 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279 and get your Qubee device.
Mobilink infinity users now converting in QUBEE Internet.

For urgent Convert / Change of Mobilink to Qubee Call Or SMS: 0345-2813343

Qubee Pakistan : Tariff for February 2014

Qubee Pakistan : Tariff Guide for the month of February 2014
Order Qubee Connection Or Details : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279

Witribe Tariff February 2014

Witribe Pakistan Tariff Guide : February 2014
For new connection and details : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279