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Monday, September 2, 2013

wi-tribe Tariff : September 2013 (Pakistan Only)

wi-tribe tariff guide for the month of September 2013
for new wi-tribe connection or any further details : 0345-2813343
USB Activation : Rs. 700/-
Wimax Modem : Rs. 1000/-
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Friday, August 2, 2013

Wi-Tribe Pakistan : August 2013 Tariff Guide

For Wi-tribe new connection call 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279
Wi-Tribe Latest August 2013 Tariff
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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wi-Tribe Vs. Qubee Vs. Mobilink Infinity in July 2013

Important : Qubee Triple Gigabyte offer is on, avail this exciting offer and triple your gb limit, Contact our numbers for new connection.

Looks like Competition time is on again. Wimax broadband decided to low down packages cost and increase data volume. Whatever the competition , customer is the one who is happy. Getting internet connection on lowest rates when upfront charges are economical as well.

In the month of July , Qubee continues its triple volume offer which they started in May 2013 , First Qubee gave May and June offer , then June and July and now July And August. So all the Qubee new customers can get the 10GB volume package with 30 GB volume. Also Qubee has waived its package activation charges on all the packages except 512Kbps basic package. This waiver welcomes many customers to avail QUBEE 512Kbps Unlimited package which can be avail in 2000 only now, where it was used to be of 2750 first time (with 750 package activation).

Wi-Tribe in July 2013 , didn't offer any such discount on packages , but they didn't take back the decision of taking 150% security deposit of monthly fee. Which reduced their upfront charges. If we compare Qubee with Wi-Tribe on 1mbps basic package. Qubee looks good. 1Mbps with 900 per month and 30GB volume. Wi-tribe charging aggressively 1100 per month for 12GB volume.

Mobilink Infinity data volumes are very low , 1Mbps 900 per month with only 7GB. If we compare Qubee with Mobilink Infinity in terms of monthly fee and volume , QUBEE has an edge. monthly fee is equal but GB limit , its 3 times more than Infinity in this month. But Mobilink infinity device and usb activation is only 500. so upfront cost of a mobilink connection is cheapest in all wireless broadband services in July 2013.

Whatever you want to buy , ApnaBroadBand is right here for your services. Just pick up the call and dial our number. Every internet service has its coverage , may be you like Infinity because of upfront charges but no coverage available, we will be deploying Qubee or wi-tribe at your place. If you like Qubee because of its data volume but no coverage in your area? we will be giving you wi-tribe or infinity.
One Phone Call May End Your Internet Connection Search For Your Home or Office. Call US Now: 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279

Monday, July 1, 2013

Wi-Tribe Pakistan : July 2013 Tariff

Wi-Tribe.Pk July 2013 Tariff Guide:
Contact : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279 for order

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Wi-Tribe Pakistan : June 2013 Tariff

Wi-Tribe June 2013 Tariff
Available in Karachi / Lahore / Faisalabad and Rawalpindi Islamabad.
Contact : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279 for Connection or Details.
Please note : Refundable security deposit equal to 1.5 x monthly line rent along with activation to be paid in advance
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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wi-Tribe Pakistan : March Tariff 2013

Wi-Tribe Pakistan March Tariff 2013

In March 2013 Wi-Tribe charging 150% Security Deposit of selected package fee along with activation charges.
50 Rupees service charges in monthly billing.
For further details call 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wi-Tribe February 2013 Tariff

Wi-tribe Pakistan
Rates / First Time Charges / Promotions / Packages Details / Tariff Guide
For the month of February 2013
In Karachi / Lahore ,Faisalabad and Rawalpindi Islamabad
Contact : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279 [ApnaBroadBand Numbers]

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