Saturday, July 24, 2010

Qubee Coverage : Now You Can Order From Anywhere from Karachi

For quick wireless broadband connection (free delivery) contact numbers  0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343 or 021-38662147
Now there is no need of any outdoor unit to get the Qubee signals at your home or office . Although a high gain antenna can be used for better results. The ODU (Out Door Unit) still used by wateen because of wrong network optimization of base stations. Still people living in major areas not getting proper wateen service even the out door units are installed. Don't know what's wateen focus in coming days. Was reading a forum , got to know that wateen services are stopped in Lahore for few days. Also read about their welcome billing page, some reported they using free net some can't use it even with correct logon info.

I am thinking what will happen when more towers will be added in Qubee coverage. It will be rocking more. The launch of USB may be delayed because of those towers , which will increase the efficiency of network, quality and signal penetration.

To Order Qubee WiMax Broadband Call : 0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343
(To order QUBEE Shuttle (USB) ( Qubee Unlimited available also) Call 0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343 , 021-38662147)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Good News For Existing Qubee Customers

If you are already Qubee User and satisfied with Qubee Broadband, then you must have referred Qubee services to your friends or family. From now on you can get discount in your monthly billing(1 time) by just referring your friend or family the Qubee. in ' Member Gets Member ' promotion all you have to do is refer, Call immediately at 0300-9200279 for details !

If you have referred only 4 to 5 friends chances that your complete monthly bill will be waived off(Depends on your package). AMAZING isn't it ? In real life we share good information with everyone, specially love ones. If you are satisfied with your motorola cellphone, you going to recommend it if someone asks for the best mobile in town, same here, If your friend required any broadband you will only recommend the one you using and satisfied with it.

Qubee - Join In!
The Reliable Broadband World!!!
Call 0300-9200279, 021-38662147 or 0345-2813343 for further details.

Friday, July 9, 2010

TATA, Bye Bye Qubee Free Offers by Sales Reps.

It was pretty tough to educate the customer that the offer you talking about has nothing to do with official tariff. I don't know how many times I have repeated that sentence "Sir please check our tariff or go to website and check our tariff , if you see any package in 350 or FREE Package then I will surely be offering you same". Now these offers seem dead or gone , Thanks to ........

Talked to few customers those were having issues with coverage , and I was pretty sure that coverage can't be issue in QUBEE connection. Because the procedure QUBEE follows , its almost impossible to have a coverage issue. When I talk to them in details I get to know that they somehow didn't follow the procedure , took device from any friend or bought device from some 'bad fish'.

How do you get Qubee connection? When you order for Qubee, installation team takes appointment and visits your premises , (ITS COMPULSORY) for Installation team , they deploy the connection and calls the dept. which makes sure that coverage is perfect and all values are perfect , after approval from that dept. installation team can leave the device in customer premises and chances are very rear that customer will be calling again because of "COVERAGE".

Want to Order? : 0300-9200279

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Qubee Business Advance Packages (July 2010)

Qubee WiMax broadband now focusing business /commercial users as well, This July Qubee stopped the fantastic promotion in which users got connections on no activation charges @ NON wifi connections , after that this promotion became more beautiful when Qubee waived off activation charges on all connection , no matter wifi or non wifi .

These promotions continued for 6 month period , that is unbelievable . Running a killer promotion for a company. That time those offers were only applicable on Residential packages , and SME or Business advance packages were same , in which users had to pay for 2 month security deposit as well as connection charges.

This time as I mentioned Qubee focusing on business users , intentions are pretty clear , just look at tariff below :

Business Advance 181024181,600
Business Advance 251024252,100
Business Advance 351024352,600
Limited Period Offer
Modem / Customer EquipmentFree *
Connection Charges500/-
1 month's line rent as a refundable security deposit, payable at the time of signup

If someone wants to buy Explore16(Residential package 1mbps with 16 GB Rs. 1500 Per month) , Business Advance 18 would be the best choice for him , in which he will get 18 GB in just Rs. 100/- extra(Rs. 1600/-) , and Rs. 500/- Connection CHARGES first time)

To Order Qubee Broadband : Call 021-38662147 or 0300-9200279

Qubee wimax broadband Tariff Details

Discover 65126750
Discover 12512121,000
Explore 8102481,000
Explore 121024121,250
Explore 161024161,500

Upfront Charges
Connection Charges - Standard Indoor CPE”PKR.500*
(May vary on select packages)

Connection Charges - Wifi Indoor CPE”PKR.1500*
(May vary on select packages)
Modem / Customer EquipmentFree *
1 months line rent as a refundable security deposit, payable at the time of signup
*Customer Premises Equipment remains property of Qubee

(Discover 6 has Rs. 750/- Connection Charges for Non WiFi connection, All other packages have Rs. 500/- for same connection)