Friday, July 29, 2011

Strong Wireless Signals of USB Broadband in Karachi / Lahore

In wireless broadband signals are everything. If signal strength is strong you getting high speed , if signal strength is low you getting low speed. So in Wireless Broadband coverage measures with signal strength.

Internet service providing USB in Rs. 750 per month with Unlimited downloading. The most economical usb internet package in Karachi / Lahore / Islamabad Rawalpindi.

QUBEE sales Representative / Installer visit the premises and gives the demonstration.

Call And Get : 0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wateen Towers Shutting Down? Removing Towers from areas

Got calls from different areas of Karachi , they looking for new internet connection because wateen informed them that wateen coverage won't be there as wateen decided to shut their towers down in particular areas. Malir , Korangi  , Mehmood Abad etc are the areas where they have informed their customers about these changing.

If they had to close their setup from different areas why they launched a marketing campaign in which they gave their wifi devices in Rs. 500/- , customer paid some non refundable amount as upfront charges as well. And now wateen tower is no more to serve them within in 1 month time period. A mega rip off?

So if you got message from Wateen about no more coverage in your area , call us for reliable broadband connection. Our representative will come and deploy.
Contact # : 0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343 

Qubee latest offers

Qubee offers 2 latest promotions for their existing and new customers :
1) 2 GB EXTRA!
If customer pays the bill on time, QUBEE will add 2GB extra downloading volume.
Pay for three months in advance and get the fourth month absolutely free.
For further details about these promotions : 0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343

Wireless Broadband Pictures Ads

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we face some tech problems, we are on it and everything should be back up asap.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Qubee Coverage in Karachi / Lahore / Islamabad

Qubee coverage in Karachi , Lahore and Rawalpindi Islamabad is much improved. USB and Indoor wimax modems work easily where only outdoor devices used to install on roof top.
If you have applied for Qubee and couldn't get coverage at that time, it's time to order the qubee again. Because Qubee packages are better than wi-tribe , infinity , wateen , ptcl evo and worlcall, specially USB rates.

For any further details about packages or order contact : Mobile numbers 0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343.
Qubee Karachi Coverage
Qubee Lahore Coverage
Qubee Rawalpindi / Islamabad Coverage 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ptcl DSL Broadband Connects / Disconnects / LED Blinks / Unreliable

PTCL DSL Broadband depends on PTCL telephone line and unfortunately telephone lines are rusty and low quality. RESULTING : Slow broadband speed , Internet connects , disconnects, Modem synchronize after every 5 to 15 minutes, totally unreliable ptcl network.

There are many who will be agreed , but there are many who won't agree with above statement. Their lines are fine "fortunately", it has nothing to do with the wire which is coming in your home, talking about the whole cabling system from exchange to your home. There are many unreliable spots from where your telephone line can get disturbed, may be an underground big cable or a big cupboard size ptcl unit in your area or pol / dp or your wire in the end. And You can only fix the wire which is coming in your home, and unfortunately problem is somewhere else. When you complain in PTCL they often tell you ok they will change your port, Now that also doesn't work because its not port fault, in rear cases you may find the speed is ok , your net is just fine for 1 or 2 day then again same issue comes.

In short PTCL DSL Broadband can never be as effective as it should be because there is no infrastructure , also PTCL is a telecom company not a proper internet service , issues are in linemen hands and local exchange master who doesn't know much about it. A complain will remain complain till months until customer makes the decision to change the broadband connection.

After DSL failure experience customer more likely to switch on any wireless network , which gives customer freedom to move the device from one place to another, one city to other, which is not possible in dsl setup.
There are few reliable broadband internet services available on wireless, WIMAX is the most reliable technology available in Pakistan , specially QUBEE and Wi-tribe . They both claim that their uptime is almost 99.9% . And that's what I experienced from last 1 year.

To get Wimax Broadband (QUBEE) Today : 0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343 or 021-38662147

Cheap Internet USB Broadband in Karachi / Lahore / Islamabad

Cheap Internet on USB is 1025 per month (Qubee 1Mbps Unlimited Downloads) : Usb price 1000 [2000 First Time.]
Another Cheap rates internet usb is Qubee's : Rs. 1250 per month (2Mbps Unlimited Downloads [70GB 150GB] , USB Activation 1000. Total 2000 First time)
3g Sim Supported USB : Activate any cellular internet package on sim and insert sim in this wifi usb and use fast 3G internet on it. 3g sim supported wifi usb Rs. 3500 (With Cash on Delivery all over Pakistan.
Wingle PTCL Usb Rs. 1000 Per Month (ALL OVER PAKISTAN) : USB Price 2000/- Total 3000 First Time.
Witribe USB Rs. 1250 Per Month (Karachi /Lahore / Rawalpindi Islamabad) : USB Price 500/- Total 1500 First Time.

For Latest Packages Call / SMS : 0345-2813343 (mention your city name and requirement)

Cheap Broadband USB Internet with high speed , just available in Rs. 1000 per month.
Now Internet in Pakistan is in everyone's range. USB is the portable internet device which enables people to move with internet in their pocket. In traditional internet connection people couldn't move their connection from one location to another. But in USB its possible.
The cheapest Unlimited package on internet is available in Rs. 1000 per month. Imagine a broadband connection with portability feature / would work without electricity. You can take this internet connection anywhere where this broadband service has coverage, Qubee and Witribe Currently in Karachi / Lahore / Rawalpindi and Islamabad (witribe in Faisalabad also). PTCL wireless has reasonable good coverage all over Pakistan. You don't have to go to any franchise or any where to upgrade USB to use in other city. Just go there and start using it. No matter you purchased USB from Karachi and using in Islamabad or purchased from there and using in Karachi or any 250+ cities.

Rider will deliver you usb if you are in Karachi / Lahore or Rawalpindi Islamabad, otherwise we can send it through courier service at your premises.

Evo USB has capability of accessing internet even in low coverage, signal penetration is very much better than any other internet service operating wireless internet.

Qubee USB device which will be delivered is high gain usb (USB Shuttle by QUBEE wimax broadband) , it's a beautiful USB unit which is not available in any other internet service provider in Pakistan. Shuttle USB modem is different from USB dongles which is far better than Worldcall and PTCL evo USB.

You can go to Qubee franchise or call their call center for Qubee internet connection but you can contact directly to Qubee sales representative without going anywhere or calling and following instruction of computerized voice to place order. If you know Qubee tariff or you want to know Qubee Details before ordering you can Visit Online Qubee Form Here , You can find Qubee tariff details and direct option to order internet connection. We will contact you within minutes after order.

Unlimited Internet in Karachi / Lahore and Rawalpindi Islamabad Now Just a Call Away , Contact for Unlimited downloading package call 0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343 (You may SMS as well)

(ApnaBroadBand is offering 4G/3G/GPRS/Edge USB in All Over Pakistan. 3G or GPRS USB Dongle works across country (Jahan Jahan Mobile Chalta Hai) , 4G/3G / Edge / GPRS Usb Free Delivery by TCS : Contact 0345-2813343 / 0300-9200279

Monday, July 11, 2011

Why PTCL in Rs. 1200/- When Qubee is in Rs. 750/-

PTCL Evo introduced Unlimited 256 Kbps in Rs. 1200/- , Our question to all of those users who living in Karachi / Lahore / Rawalpindi / Islamabad Why buy PTCL EVO when QUBEE broadband is giving Unlimited 256 Kbps only in Rs. 750.

It's alright for other city users where they don't have QUBEE or any other wireless broadband service, they can surely go for it, but for Karachi / Lahore and Islamabad Rawalpindi users should try QUBEE wimax broadband. In Rs. 1250/- You can get QUBEE unlimited 512Kbps. So if you have budget of 1200 , 1250 get QUBEE 512Kbps in this rates.

PTCL EVO first time charges are high as well : Rs. 4000 USB charges , 1200 in advance of 1 month 256 kbps speed. IN QUBEE you can get in total upfront 2000/- Only

QUBEE Call (Sales @ Distribution Channel) 0300-9200279 or 0345-2813343

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Qubee - Live In Your World - Connect in Ours

Required Qubee Connection in Karachi / Lahore ?
Follow the picture!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Worldcall 256Kbps 1200 Per Month , QUBEE 256Kbps Unlimited 750 Per Month

Worldcall 256 Kbps Unlimited is in Rs. 1200 per month.
QUBEE 256Kbps Unlimited just in Rs. 750 per month.

If you are wise enough which one you would like to try ? QUBEE or Worldcall?
Choice is yours.
Get Free QUBEE delivery / Quick installation just call us at 0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343 or 021-38662147.

256Kbps Unlimited (in July 2011) Upfront(first time) charges are :
USB / Device Activation Charges : Rs. 1000/- Only
Package Security Deposit(Refundable: Rs. 1000/- Only
Total Rs. 2000/- Only.

Qubee device at home address will be delivered by Qubee representative. He will come and deploy the connection. Test qubee service in your home / office and if qubee has satisfactory speed in your premises activate your qubee account by calling QUBEE activation helpline number.
For Qubee installation don't hesitate to call our numbers, our polite representative will guide you completely 0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343 or 021-38662147 (You don't have to go anywhere just call us)