Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Unlimited Wireless Broadband now in Rs. 750 per month.

Wireless broadband services are reducing their charges in price war. Decreasing the prices may effect the network performance that's why upfront charges play essential part to make an stability and finding the genuine customers.
Monthly fee is usually a major concern of all the genuine customers and they are always ready to pay upfront charges to avail cheap rates monthly package. And an opportunist customer always look for free. Adopting the policy of increasing upfront charges and reducing monthly charges, is best way to stable the network performance and facilitating the customers.
A wimax broadband in Pakistan (Karachi/Lahore/Islamabad) recently launched Unlimited broadband only in Rs. 750 per month. Amazingly package available on all the devices they offer. For example : USB Shuttle , Non WiFi device or WiFi device. With minimum 1000 activation charges of USB and Non WiFi Modem they charge only Rs. 1000 refundable security deposit for this connection.
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Apnabroadband Team
0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Difference in Selling Device and Selling Service

Wireless (Wimax / CDMA) devices are easily available in market, you can go to any shop and buy a device then later activate it by calling on given number. This is simple example of "DEVICE SELLING" and it has nothing to do with selling service. Yet you bought device don't expect customer service from those services.

Any broadband which allows users to buy device from franchise or shop hardly gets track on device movement. They can't call you back to ask if you are satisfied with their service , you can't stop bills , you and company gap is too much.

Worldcall , PTCL EVO , Wi-Tribe , Wateen , Infinity all are working on Device selling model. Although all of them have their call centers and customer support, but their model is device selling and they cant facilitate their customer even they decide to someday.

Qubee is selling service not device that's why you can't take any QUBEE device from any authorized shop / franchise , distribution office , qubee store etc. You have to order QUBEE Connection, their representative will visit you and deploy the connection after complete satisfaction of signal availability , they would confirm from their concern dept before leaving the device. QUBEE calls their customers when a new customer comes on board. Then time to time they keep in touch, so customer is not calling for their problems but qubee is calling to listen from them.

To get a qubee wimax broadband USB / Wimax Modem(Device)  or WiFi device connection CLICK HERE

Qubee Shuttle available in 512Kbps/1Mbps/1.5Mpbs Speeds

Qubee Shuttle (USB Device) Available in all speeds. And in all packages , same as wimax modem packages. Qubee may be the only broadband service which is providing usb and wimax modem connections on same rates. Otherwise if you compare wi-tribe usb with qubee usb , you will see a huge difference in wi-tribe's USB tariff and QUBEE tariff. Even within wi-tribe dongle and wimax modems tariff,  there is very big difference of activation charges and limited volume packages. Wi-tribe is not giving Unlimited on USB till this date of posting. Wi-tribe Unlimited is not available on their USB dongle. On the other side QUBEE offering all packages on USB shuttle as well.
(Get Qubee Internet Service in Rs. 750/Month Today : Call : 0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343)
Monthly packages of regular packages are almost equal and fifty fifty on both sides. (wi-tribe and qubee) , in some packages Wi-tribe gives extra benefit and in few QUBEE. This healthy competition will facilitate customers .