Friday, December 31, 2010

Postpaid Vs Prepaid

For quick wireless broadband connection (free delivery) contact numbers  0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343 or 021-38662147
Just like mobile companies, broadband companies also have launched Postpaid and Prepaid connections for their consumers. If customer uses the internet services frequently , he always gets benefit in tariff by choosing PostPaid connection. But there also a majority of customers of those who don't use services that regularly but they can't ignore the need. Prepaid Broadband is the best choice for all those customers who use internet not that frequent or the work they do lies in a very limited volume downloads.

It's all up to users requirement, for few unlimited is the only choice and broadband is useless for them if it's not unlimited. On other side users with less usage always seem searching for internet which should be fast but shouldn't be expensive because their usage is not much.

So analyse your requirements, count your usage, hours you use internet then decide what's best for you. PostPaid or a Prepaid connection. Although Postpaid connections are not that costly these days but still people want more choices where they ready to use less resources of ISP and obviously want to pay less as well.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy New Year in advance (2011)

Hopefully the future will be brighter with the coming of a new year. Wishing you all very very happy new year.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Webhosting / Designing in Pakistan

You all internet users , you are here on this blog for broadband , you seeing all the details on website, and you visited my blog from some link or search that was a website as well. Websites have so much potential , the day is not far away when website address will be same mandatory on your business card as mobile phone number now a days. I recently got to know about this web solution providers and they highly professional guys will be providing service for an upcoming website.
(pasting some text from their site)
eClub.PK is a web studio with over 3 years of freelancing experience. We make easy-to-use, cross-browser websites with clean layouts for an enhanced user experience. With a lot web development and multimedia experience, we guarantee fast and reliable quotation and delivery beyond your expectations.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Finally Wi-Tribe launched Unlimited (Endless) Package

For quick wireless broadband connection (free delivery) contact numbers  0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343 or 021-38662147
Finally Wi-Tribe launched Unlimited Package , but it's pretty disappointing that it's costly. On Wi-tribe's official website I didn't find any pricing of their "ENDLESS" (Unlimited) Package but I personally asked to a sales person who was standing on wi-tribe stall , he told me Wi-tribe 512Kbps Unlimited is Rs. 1200/- and 1Mbps is 2400/- . This is really expensive solution when we see other wimax broadbands like Wateen or QUBEE's tariff where customers can get 1Mbps Unlimited only in Rs. 1500 Per month, then question raises who will go for such expensive package? The answer is simple only those places where other wimax broadbands have no signal penetration.

If we see wi-tribe coverage it's not that bad but it's not that good as well , it's average. So all areas where wi-tribe exists other broadband's are there as well, and in such competition Wi-tribe sales executives will be having tough time in coming days.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Free Sign-Ups in QUBEE till 31st December 2010

Just saw ad in DAWN news, QUBEE offering Free sign ups till 31st December 2010, so rush now and get the fast & uninterrupted broadband service.
There is no Activation charges (on Standard CPE) if any customer activate connection before 31st December , Just pay 1 month fee as security deposit. Device in QUBEE is always free and customer has to return it when stopped it's service.

With best coverage all over Karachi / Lahore & Islamabad QUBEE without doubts offering the best and most economical package offered by any Wireless Broadband Service.

Note that Qubee also offering Unlimited downloads package which is available on USB SHUTTLE (a new USB CPE introduced by GREENPACKET with High Gain).

Saturday, December 11, 2010

256 Kbps Broadband Speed

Worldcall is giving 256 Kbps in Rs. 1200 , yet QUBEE is giving 512Kbps(Which is double to 256Kbps) in Rs. 1000.
256Kbps Unlimited offered by Worldcall ofcourse slow then 512Kbps, but why worldcall even offering this package in these rates? 256 is surely a broadband speed , and a person should get benefit if he is compromising on speed and not getting 512kbps or 1Mbps. He should not be charged aggressively as above company is doing it already.

Hope when Wateen or Qubee will launch 256Kbps Unlimited or Limited Volume packages they will not charge aggressively.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Funny Pic related to Wireless Technology. LOL

Just to change the mood, Funny pic about wireless technology:

Friday, December 3, 2010

QUBEE December Offer (For Existing QUBEE Customers)

For quick wireless broadband connection (free delivery) contact numbers  0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343 or 021-38662147
All QUBEE existing customers will be having this exciting offer in December :

If they Pay December 2010 Bill before 10th of December, they will get DOUBLE Download VOLUME for the month.

So QUBEE customers rush to QUBEE stores or call 111078233 to pay through TCS.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wi-Tribe and Infinity not ready to launch Unlimited Downloading

For quick wireless broadband connection (free delivery) contact numbers  0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343 or 021-38662147
Neither Wi-Tribe nor Mobilink Infinity launched Unlimited Downloading Packages , yet QUBEE customers enjoying Unlimited downloading packages from Sep10. This is fact most of the users don't download alot for them limited volume packages are still better but when Users per connection increase then limited volume packages sometimes cause little burden on pockets.

Choosing a suitable package in limited volume offers is very important. If you choose a limited volume package because of low rates and ignored the GB limit then you will surely be paying more than the package with more gbs.
Suppose if you buy a package with 6GB volume , and you know or you get to know after getting connection that your usage is even 1 GB more then you should go for next package ISP has offered , like 12GB and only Rs. 150 will be added. But if you got 6GB package and exceeded the volume for 2 GB more then you going to pay more then the 12GB package.
So just a little management can save your lot of money, so either you get limited volume or unlimited package your data requirements should be clear to you. Otherwise UNLIMITED is the best choice.

Friday, November 26, 2010

QUBEE Fair Usage Policy on it's Official Website

Qubee Fair Usage Policy available on it's official site( , no other broadband mentioned on their site:

Fair Usage Policy

  • Qubee Fair Usage Policy applies to all residential unlimited volume packages.
  • The unlimited packages have no cap on the amount a customer downloads, however the customer bandwidth may be subjected to a higher contention:
    • If consistent abusive data volume consumption is observed.
    • Data consumed is more than average downloads per subscriber on the network with a similar package.
    • Other customers using the same resources face degradation of service and/or complain of a degradation of service, due to a particular customer using high amounts of data volume.
  • The unlimited packages for residential users are not usable by commercial users or for further reselling
    as per directives of PTA.
  • Qubee reserves the right to suspend or disconnect, permanently or temporarily, any link which is used in violation of PTA regulations.
  • Consumer internet packages, unless specified otherwise, do not commit / guarantee bandwidth as per standard practice across all Internet Service Providers worldwide.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Use Internet while electricity failure

In Pakistan USB Broadband is the better choice if your wireless broadband provider has enough battery backup and generators to keep the base station alive 24 hours. Internet through indoor CPEs or CPEs which required AC Power , although they are well designed to give good coverage , but not every user owns the generator or UPS to keep their Modem Alive , USB takes power from system so there is no extra power required for USBs.

USB Dongles were previously and still be given by wISPs like Wi-tribe,wateen,infinity , but USB Shuttle is the exclusive USB CPE which is high gain and given only by QUBEE WiMax.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wi-Tribe Van (Float) In Malir

Without Unlimited packages Wi-Tribe has launched marketing campaign again? QUBEE is dominant in Malir, and Wi-Tribe with weaker network strength in Malir doing marketing activity there, is another failure of Marketing plan. Remember Old days when Wi-Tribe launched media campaign when they were not even covering 30% of big city.

A Wi-Tribe van can't boost wi-tribe customers in non coverage areas until wi-tribe won't invest to increase it's network as well as TARIFF. On Official Wi-Tribe website , only 20 Percent of Malir is covered and marketing activity there is un-wise move.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fake SMS of 4Mbps package on Mobilink Infinity

One of my friend got fake sms from someone that Mobilink infinity introduced 2Mbps and 4Mbps packages, it was quite shocking that sms had only mobilink official call center number. Nobody will take a min in thinking from where that sms was initiated. For confirmation I checked Infinity site and there was no such info .

I wonder what maximum speed a wimax provider can offer. Also I am not sure about PTCL NITRO how they claiming 9.1 Mbps.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome November, October Recap

Wireless Broadband Services are experiencing new changes every month, sometimes by giving promotions of zero connection charges on non wifi, sometimes reducing USB charges, sometimes changing tariff and GBs limits.

In previous Month (October 2010) Mobilink Infinity sales force showed up with unofficial offers , and they tried to motivate shop keepers to sell devices on 3 months advance payment of xyz package and false claim of unlimited, Infinity has no package offering unlimited in tariff. In pricing Infinity & Wi-tribe looked aggressive in October 2010 , looks like Wi-Tribe and Infinity running out of money to facilitate customers.

Wi-Tribe customers were waiting for Unlimited because QUBEE already have launched Unlimited Downloading package and they started campaign on Print Media , saw few ads on Sunday DAWN and other leading newspapers. Not even Unlimited but normal limited downloading packages are also same on QUBEE new SHUTTLE (USB) which is different from Wi-Tribe and Infinity.

Wi-Tribe is not offering any packages which can compete the comparatively new wireless broadband "QUBEE" , this means wi-tribe is no more in competition? or they are planning big for the market?

Infinity double volume offer is still going on but their pricing is still very aggressive , it's wifi connection charges are 4000? this is too much as compare to QUBEE , they were charging only Rs. 500 connection charges on wifi in October 2010.

Worldcall is not wimax , but its wireless broadband , so no harm in sharing news about them, The News is there was no news from Worldcall, no change in any plans/tariff etc.

Wateen is giving unlimited on USB dongle, although so many complaints about it.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

In October 2010 : Worldcall Vs. QUBEE (512Kbps & 1Mbps Packages)

For quick wireless broadband connection (free delivery) contact numbers  0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343 or 021-38662147
512Kbps Rates

Unlimited WorldCall 512 Kbps : 1800/- Per Month
Activation Charges : 1300/-

First Time Payment (Upfront) = 1800 + 1300 = Rs. 3100/- (WORLDCALL)

Unlimited QUBEE 512 Kbps : 1000/- Per Month
Activation Charges : 500/-

First Time Payment (Upfront) = 1000 + 500 = Rs. 1500/- (QUBEE)

1Mbps Rates

Unlimited WorldCall 1Mbps : 2500/- Per Month
Activation Charges : 1300/-

First Time Payment (Upfront) = 2500 + 1300 = Rs. 3800/- (WORLDCALL)

Unlimited QUBEE 1Mbps : 1500/- Per Month
Activation Charges : 500/-

First Time Payment (Upfront) = 1500 + 500 = Rs. 2000/- (QUBEE)

*Companies change tariff on different occasions , For Latest Tariff always visit official site.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

QUBEE Unlimited Package Just in Rs. 1000/- (512 Kbps)

For quick wireless broadband connection (free delivery) contact numbers  0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343 or 021-38662147
QUBEE is well known in offering best possible rates which doesn't burden anyone's pocket. If you are student, working in office or running a business even, Rs. 1000/- is very much affording . So get UNLIMITED DOWNLOADING in this amount from QUBEE.

The Cheapest Rates and amazing coverage , quality and reliability .

To Order QUBEE Unlimited in Rs. 1000/- Pick up the phone and dial for free delivery : 0300-9200279, 0345-2813343 or 021-38662147

Friday, October 1, 2010

QUBEE " No Activation Charges " & " Increased GB Volume " I

QUBEE again launched amazing offer to facilitate it's customers.

(QUBEE Explore6)Now Get 1mbps in ONLY Rs. 850/- (6GB) (New Package on tariff card)

(QUBEE Discover12)512kbps with 12 GB previously had Rs. 1000/- Monthly , Now get that in Rs. 900/- And there is no activation Charges on standard CPE(Device).

(QUBEE Explore12)1mbps with 12GB previously had Rs. 1250/- Monthly fee , Now get it in only Rs. 1000/-

(QUBEE Discover18)In Rs. 1000/- You can avail 512kbps with 18GB , (It's new package on tariff card)

(QUBEE Explore18) In 1500/- _ 1Mbps with 18GB. (Previousily it was with name Explore16 GB limit was 16GB)

(Discover Max) UNLIMITED Just in 1000/- Speed 512 Kbps ( Available on USB SHUTTLE)
(Explore Max)UNLIMITED just in 1500/- Speed 1 Mbps (Available on USB SHUTTLE)

USB Shuttle Connection Charges : Rs. 500/- only.
WiFi CPE Connection Charges : Rs. 500/- only.

1 Month line rent as refundable security deposit, payable at the time of signup. Connection Charges are 1 time cost payable at the time of signup.

QUBEE tariff in October 2010 (December 2010 Tariff is same)

QUBEE October 2010 Tariff.(December 2010 Tariff is same as October Tariff)

Special Offers
Conn. Charges (Rs)
Indoor CPEWiFi CPEShuttle
Discover 65126750ZERO500500
Explore 610246850ZERO500500
Discover 1251212900ZERO500500
Explore 121024121000ZERO500500
Discover 18512181000ZERO500500
Explore 181024181500ZERO500500
Discover Max512*Unlimited1000Not AvailableNot Available500
Explore Max1024*Unlimited1500Not AvailableNot Available500

Explore Max and Discover Max Available On QUBEE SHUTTLE only

1 Month fee as refundable security deposit to be paid after successful installation. Connection Charges are 1 time charges at the time of signup. Device will always be property of QUBEE.

Terms & Conditions / Fair Usage Policy applies

For Further Details About QUBEE Packages and Order ( Sales ) : 021-38662147 , 0300-9200279 or 0345-2813343


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Students and USB Internet Connection

Internet is necessary to keep yourself updated with new technologies & studies in your field. Students use internet to get latest information and read more articles and research available on net, rather than only concentrating on text books.

Students also required internet to keep in touch with family and friends if they living other cities or even countries. Students coming from different countries and cities live in hostel where they pay more to internet cafes for net access. Although they do have notebooks or cellphone with wifi , but they can't get connection because many of the hostels can't provide each student a separate telephone line for DSL or cable coming from outside the building and making ugly nest of wires in hostel.

USB Broadband is more useful solution for all those students who need internet access in their educational institutes / hostels etc.

If you want connection in your hostel which is portable / reliable (in Karachi , Lahore & Rawalpindi, Islamabad) Call : 0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343 or 021-38662147

Friday, September 17, 2010

Internet with mobility can be handy for sales/medical reps.

Internet connection which gives you mobility and roaming facility is very much useful for sales/medical reps. Medical or sales reps can perform their jobs more efficiently if they have access to internet, and if broadband comes in their pockets, nothing can be better than this.

To keep in touch with their clients, sending orders via internet/emails and getting delivery from company or clients may boost their sales numbers and ofcourse sales commission as well.

For normal use for sending emails , browsing or even streaming a limited package can be economical .

Rs. 750 per month _ 512kbps with 6GB Volume can be a good package to select. Get it on USB Shuttle which easily fits in your pocket.

0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343

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Monday, September 13, 2010

QUBEE takes part in flood relief.

QUBEE WiMAX (Wireless) Broadband CEO Mubashir Naqvi said "This is a social responsibility of every corporate entity to come forward for the flood relief and support affected people "

QUBEE donated 3.5 Million PKR to flood affected People. QUBEE employees also donated part of their salaries & daily use items in relief camps in different cities all over Pakistan.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Difference between Worldcall & QUBEE unlimited package

Screen Shot of Worldcall and QUBEE unlimited Tariff:
(Click on image to view in full size)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Tariff in September : Amazing Offer 1mbps unlimited in 1500/- Only

Conn. Charges (Rs)
Indoor CPEWiFi CPEShuttle
Discover 651261275075017501750
Discover 1251212241,00050015001500
Explore 810248161,00050015001500
Explore 12102412241,25050015001500
Explore 16102416321,50050015001500
Explore Max1024UnlimitedUnlimited1500Not AvailableNot Available1500

Out of bundle charges Rs 0.11 per MB
Explore Max- Unlimited will be available on Qubee Shuttle only

1 month line rent as a refundable security deposit, payable at time of signup
Connection charges is a 1 time cost only payable at the time of signup
Modem/Customer Equipment*FREE

* Terms and Conditions apply
Qubee fair usage policy applies to Explore Max residential unlimited volume package
The unlimited packages have no cap on downloads customer make.
The unlimited packages for residential users are not usable by commercial users or
further reselling as per directives of PTA.
Qubee reserves the right to suspend or disconnect, permanently or temporarily
any link which is used in violation of PTA regulations.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Qubee Online Order (USB shuttle)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Qubee Lahore Coverage Areas

Updated 2012:

Arshi Stylish Home
City Marriage Hall
Firdous Market
Bund Road Lahore
Usman Center
Shalimar Hospital,
Muslim Town
Ghalib Market Gulberg
Fan Road Mozang
Mehar Center
Dha Society
Sakeem More Lasani Center
Muslim PARK
New Garden Town
Mustafa Town
Qadri Chambers
Kashimir Block
Plaza Johar Town
Campus view Johar town
Civic center johar Town
Samnabad Lahore
Zahor Elahi road
choburji lahore
Plaza Cinema
Riwaz Garden
New Butt Sweets
jinnah Hospital
Malik Plaza Multan Road
uppal center
singapur medical center
Muslim Colony
Faisal Town Lahore
Wahadat Colony
Bilal Chowk Johar Town
Block Johar Town
Shere Kot
Ghani Colony
PIA Housing Society
Wafaqui Colony
Darbar Sultan shah
BundRoad Lahore
Madni Masjid Multan Road
H Block Johar Town
Lalazar colony
New Johar Town
Five Star Hotel
Mydaa Building
Allama Iqbal Town
sabzazar A Park
Sheikh zayed
Naseer abad
SamanBurg JoharTown
lchra lahore
Awan Town
Mumtaz Arcade
Ahmed Nagar
E Block Sabzazar
Khursheed Plaza
Pepsi Coca Cola Factory
Ittefaq Hospital
CMH Chowk Cant
Punjab Housing Society
Fahad Arcade
Commercial Market Canal View
Iqbal Town
Maryam Colony
Rajput Town
Tariq Road Cantt
Cavaliry Ground Lahore
Supernet Core
Ferozepur Road
Umer center Akbar Chowk
Model Town Block C
Gulshan e RavI
Takiya yakoob shah
Township Main Market
PIA Housing Society
Sattu Katla Pind
Decent Medical Store
Army Flats
Kot Lakh pat
Eden Cottage
Gulshan Ali Scheme
Market Wapda Town
Gulshan Housing Society
Canal Berg Society
Madina Shadi Hall
New Garden Town
L Block JoharTown
Al Noor UP Stop
patyala Home
New Muslim Town
Bhatta Chowk
Defence Motors
Farooqia Masjid
Shama Cinema Road
Cuppal mall
M Block Sabzazar
Taj Pura

Allama Iqbal Town
Qutab Block
Garden Town
Faisal Town
Johar Town Phase 1
Johar Town Phase 2
Town ship
R block
Gardhi Shahu
Mughal Pura
New Muslim Ton
Cavalry ground
R.A. Bazaar
DHA Phase1
Bird Wood Barracks
Zaman Town
Upper Mall
Dharam Pura
Lawrence Garden
Shah Jamal Colony
New Mazang
Wahdat Colony
Model Town
Wafaqi Colony
Nishter Block
Ravi Block
Karim block
Kamran Block
Mustafa Town
Canal View
Ali Town
Judicial Colony
J-3 block
CanalBerg Society
Punjab Co-operative Housing Society Sector XX,Sector AA
Super Town
Ghazi Abad
Old Officers Colony
Khyber Colony
P.A.F. Colony
Askari IX
Muhammad Nagar
Qilla Gujar Singh
C.M.A Colony

And Many More........
Also Visit :

Worldcall wireless 1Mbps in 2500/-

For quick wireless broadband connection (free delivery) contact numbers  0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343 or 021-38662147
Worldcall 1Mbps wireless broadband still expensive, it's available in 2500/- PLUS activation charges 1300/- on all lower and higher speed packages . WORLDCALL didn't revise their rates from time, but now they really need to revise the rates. The only reason which I can understand of not changing the tariff is, there was no match of WORLDCALL coverage than other Internet service providers , But now QUBEE is penetrating very fast .

People still consider Worldcall, because Wroldcall is offering UNLIMITED packages. So who required Unlimited broadband he will definitely look for unlimited packages offered by any xyz company. As I mentioned earlier QUBEE is penetrating very fast , and without running ads on TV , QUBEE has reasonable numbers of users in Karachi.

If QUBEE offers unlimited package people will definitely give a try , and if worldcall pricing will remain same aggressive , people will have no choice than switching from Worldcall to QUBEE.
(EDIT in OCT 2010: QUBEE launched Unlimited , 512Kbps in Rs. 1000/- and 1Mbps in Rs. 1500/- and Activation of USB just Rs. 500/-)

Worldcall UPFRONT for 1Mbps is 3800, Per Month for Worldcall 1Mbps is 2500/- .

Friday, August 27, 2010

QUBEE Coverage : Rawalpindi Islamabad

Ataturk Ave W
Jinnah Ave
Green Area
Margala College
AKM Fazl-ul-Haq Road

And Many More...(Contact 0300-9200279 / 0345-2813343 even if you don't see your area in this listing because this list is not fully updated)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Revolution in USB WiMax "SHUTTLE"

For quick wireless broadband connection (free delivery) contact numbers  0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343 or 021-38662147
A WiMAX USB modem which also known as WiMAX USB High Gain Modem (UH) , Shuttle world's first USB high gain modem which is different than traditional USB modems like USB dongle / Stick. To get the optimum performance of WiMAX service , it can be attached on window or wall with the help of suction cup. By USB cable you can sit far away from your window or place you getting best signal strength , you can enjoy the strong signal strength.
It's omni antenna recieves signals from any direction and automatically improve signals strength by selecting best antenna automatically. If you are in home or outside home , SHUTTLE delivers the quality service.

To Get SHUTTLE (USB HIGH GAIN MODEM) Call : 0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343 ( Available with either Volume Based or Unlimited packages)

Online Order Form For USB Shuttle (Karachi/Lhr/ISB/RWP)
QUBEE Packages Details

Monday, August 23, 2010

QUBEE SHUTTLE ( USB broadband ) Unlimited & Volume Based

For quick qubee wimax broadband connection (free delivery) contact numbers  0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343 .
Unlimited & Uninterrupted Broadband
Qubee Unlimited Package suits every pocket .

Qubee USB is the only USB broadband which is giving away it's usb in Rs. 1025 Monthly in 1Mbps , and 2Mbps Unlimited Package in 1250 [INCLUSIVE TAX)
For further details contact us on our numbers : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279

USB broadband Device QUBEE SHUTTLE
Which is not traditional USB Dongle / Stick.
It's something different!
Book Your SHUTTLE today!
Call 0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343

2Mbps : Rs. 1000 Per Month (2Mbps Unlimited)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

QUBEE Broadband Ramadan's Double Volume offer


This Ramadan, No matter which package you choose, you now get the volume doubled for the entire month.

Package Speed GB PKR/month
Discover 6 512 6 (12) 750
Discover 12 512 12 (24) 1,000
Explore 8 1024 8 (16) 1,000
Explore 12 1024 12 (24) 1,250
Explore 16 1024 16 (32) 1,500

Little comparison of GB volume of other wimax providers tariff with QUBEE.

WiTribe 512kbps 6gb Rs. 750 /- , Qubee 512kbps 12gb Rs. 750/-
WiTribe 512kbps 10gb Rs. 1500/- , Qubee 512kbps 24gb Rs. 1000/-
WiTribe 1mbps 12gb Rs. 1350/-, Qubee 1mbps 24gb Rs. 1250/-
WiTribe 1mbps 6gb Rs. 950/-, Qubee 1mbps 16gb Rs. 1000/-
Infinity 512kbps 7gb Rs. 700/-, Qubee 512kbps 12gb Rs. 750/-
Infinity 512kbps 15gb Rs. 1200/- , Qubee 512kbps 24gb Rs. 1000/-
Infinity 1mbps 7gb Rs. 900/-, Qubee 1mbps 16gb Rs. 1000/-
Infinity 1mbps 15gb Rs. 1400/-, Qubee 1mbps 24gb Rs. 1250/-
Wateen 512kbps 5gb Rs. 698/-, Qubee 512kbps 12gb Rs. 750/-
Wateen 512kbps 10gb Rs. 1098/-, Qubee 512kbps 24gb Rs. 1000/-
Wateen 1mbps 5gb Rs. 798/- , Qubee 1mbps 16gb Rs. 1000/-
Wateen 1mbps 10gb Rs. 1198, Qubee 1mbps 24gb Rs. 1250/-

To order Qubee Internet ( phone numbers) are : 0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343


After offering this beautiful offer , QUBEE is undoubtedly giving the best of best possible rates offered by any wimax provider in Pakistan. Compare any WiMax broadband tariff with QUBEE , all are far behind.
For example:

pick witribe :

Witribe offering 512 kbps with 6GB in 750/- , Yet Qubee offering same speed and same rate but look at GBs, They are double 12GB.
SO QUBEE OFFERING 512 kbps _12GB_Rs.750/- Only .

pick Infinity :
Infinity offering 1mbps with 7GB in 900/- , Yet QUBEE offering 1mbps in 1000/- and I'ts not 8 or 9 or 10 Gb it's 16GB
infinity offering 1mbps 15 GB in Rs. 1400/- yet QUBEE offering 24 GB in Rs. 1250/- only . look at the GB difference.


FOR QUBEE SPECIAL RAMADAAN & INDEPENDANCE OFFER CALL 0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343 , 021-38662147 , 021-34278085

Sunday, August 8, 2010

USB required for mobility?

I wasn't fan of broadband through USB, although its a fact that it enables mobility. Still there was no match of proper CPE designed to pick signals and gives the best results , movable and can change its direction to get the proper signal strength and these all things were not possible with USB dongle. One can only plug in and if user is lucky he gets the proper signals and if that's not the case then change the whole pc or laptop direction , which is sometimes irritating.

So I am not fan of any such dongles which changes my room setting and I change my laptop or pc location because of damn signals! If you get a USB CPE which receive signals like normal WiMax CPE , gives exactly the same coverage and easily change directions (without changing PC/Laptop location) to get the best signal strength. Also High Gain Antenna is built-in in it? Sounds Good?

So Here We Go.....
Order Qubee Broadband USB ( Qubee SHUTTLE ) : 0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343

Friday, August 6, 2010

PTCL EVO vs WorldCall EVDO

For quick wireless broadband connection (free delivery) contact numbers  0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343 or 021-38662147
Talked to both PTCL EVO users and Worldcall evdo users, both got these usb broadband connections when these connections were launched. When they told me the amount they have paid for new connection that time , was quite sufficient to roll my eyes.

PTCL EVO customer was fully annoyed and had disconnected the connection after using it for few months just because he paid lot of non-refundable money to get that service, so he was using net or compromising with quality because of the money he paid.

WorldCall EVDO user was not that annoyed than PTCL EVO , but charges he paid were really aggressive. He still has the worldcall connection because that's facility by his office and only works in his office. His home is somewhere in Karachi where worldcall signals don't touch his USB CPE. He said he would have been disconnected worldcall ages back if he has to pay the bills.

Amount that PTCL EVO customer told me were Rs. 6000/- First time, Worldcall EVDO customer paid arround 5500/- , He didn't know exactly because this connection was provided by office.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Qubee Broadband Available in Lahore & Islamabad Now

QUBEE Wireless broadband now available in Lahore & Rawalpindi / Islamabad as well. If you are not satisfied with your broadband connection. Get the Qubee device today ( WiFi or Non WiFi ) .

Call for order : 0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Qubee Coverage : Now You Can Order From Anywhere from Karachi

For quick wireless broadband connection (free delivery) contact numbers  0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343 or 021-38662147
Now there is no need of any outdoor unit to get the Qubee signals at your home or office . Although a high gain antenna can be used for better results. The ODU (Out Door Unit) still used by wateen because of wrong network optimization of base stations. Still people living in major areas not getting proper wateen service even the out door units are installed. Don't know what's wateen focus in coming days. Was reading a forum , got to know that wateen services are stopped in Lahore for few days. Also read about their welcome billing page, some reported they using free net some can't use it even with correct logon info.

I am thinking what will happen when more towers will be added in Qubee coverage. It will be rocking more. The launch of USB may be delayed because of those towers , which will increase the efficiency of network, quality and signal penetration.

To Order Qubee WiMax Broadband Call : 0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343
(To order QUBEE Shuttle (USB) ( Qubee Unlimited available also) Call 0300-9200279 , 0345-2813343 , 021-38662147)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Good News For Existing Qubee Customers

If you are already Qubee User and satisfied with Qubee Broadband, then you must have referred Qubee services to your friends or family. From now on you can get discount in your monthly billing(1 time) by just referring your friend or family the Qubee. in ' Member Gets Member ' promotion all you have to do is refer, Call immediately at 0300-9200279 for details !

If you have referred only 4 to 5 friends chances that your complete monthly bill will be waived off(Depends on your package). AMAZING isn't it ? In real life we share good information with everyone, specially love ones. If you are satisfied with your motorola cellphone, you going to recommend it if someone asks for the best mobile in town, same here, If your friend required any broadband you will only recommend the one you using and satisfied with it.

Qubee - Join In!
The Reliable Broadband World!!!
Call 0300-9200279, 021-38662147 or 0345-2813343 for further details.